Monday, 7 December 2015

Just for fun...A card for Romance

Are you having Romantic Feelings that you just aren't sure about?
It is being suggested that the feelings involved are real and should be explored!

Is the song of Romance calling you? This card is showing you a resounding yes...someone is playing with the strings of your heart and you quite like the tune!
Make your feelings known, flirt a little...take the lead. It is the season to be Merry so pop on your best and brightest smile and have fun. There is nothing more attractive to anyone than seeing someone who is confident and fun to be around. Be yourself because that is when you are at your most stunning!

If you find yourself reading this Post within 48 hours of posting...then there just maybe something in it for you ;)

NB: As a certified Angel card Reader; My Oracle Card readings appear every now and then for your entertainment..please enjoy them in the spirit intended  :)

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