Sunday, 27 December 2015

Just for fun... An Angel Card

The Forgiveness Card
It's time to let go of all that no longer serves you. Forgiveness is the greatest gift to give and there is no time like now to give it.
Forgive yourself and others for perceived wrongs you may be hanging on to.

Free yourself and the rest will follow, clear your mind ... and body from past pains and replace those tired emotions with peace and love.
Now is the perfect time to call bullshit on anything robbing you of a peaceful happy heart and put new strategies in place to get you moving forward.
The New Year is fast approaching and you are going to jump into it with both feet and a lightness of being.
You have the power ...
But are you willing.
Dreams do come true!
It's a beautiful world we live in...
Even without popping on your rose coloured glasses!

Couldn't help but throw in a couple of classic lines from a couple of favourite songs :)

If you find yourself reading this Post within 48 hours of posting...then there just maybe something in it for you ;)

NB: As a certified Angel card Reader; My Oracle Card readings appear every now and then for your entertainment..please enjoy them in the spirit intended  :)

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