Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Inner Wisdom ...tap into yours!

Listening to your Inner Wisdom can be a lesson in trust! 
As far as any form of meditation goes I am a complete novice. I would love to sit here and tell you that I can reach a peaceful, euphoric state by crossing my legs, closing my eyes and chanting Ohmmm in a rhythmic tone. But I am not even close to being that disciplined, and that's OK because it gives me something to aim for!

Because I found meditation hard to master ... (quieting my mind is a feat to be celebrated) I started out with guided meditations - straight off youtube some years ago. I found several that I connected with, realised I was more in tune with female voices than male - don't know why, and started to really enjoy my little 12 minute journeys into the nirvana of my mind...or wherever it was that I ended up. All I know is that when the meditation was complete I felt a sense of calm and I lightness of being that stayed with me for some time after.

It was through these guided meditations, after a period of consistent daily practice, that I met Solomon... a guide and mentor that has continued to share insights and wisdom with me up to this day.
The first time he came to me in meditation though, scared the crap out of me... as it's not every day you hear a voice inside your head that's not your own...without it causing a little concern that you may be going a bit loopy!

This is where trust comes in...

I had to back myself and trust that that experience was real, and I have to continue to trust that the wisdom he shares with me through journaling (or guided writing) is too.
On reflection, when I read what has been written, it is never hard to trust... as I don't think I would ever say to myself some of the beautiful things he says to me - about me. And isn't that a shame.
But it does give me a clear indication that what I am receiving is through me, and to me - not from me.

Oh... and then there was the consistent message, for well over a year prior to Brendan becoming ill to "Get your house in order!"
I thought it was about housework... Now I know it was about much more.

Our house is now in Order (some of the time) ... and we are moving forward on a journey we hadn't planned!

(more on Solomon's Writings in future posts - he will be very happy I'm sharing!)

TIP: Do what you can to quiet your mind - as often as you can - You will be surprised at what you know and how insightful you are; when you make time to listen!

Quick Tips on "how to" tackle journaling / guided writing session coming soon. For those who have techniques of their own feel free to share here with those new to the practice.

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