Tuesday, 29 December 2015

28 Feb 13.... Solomon’s Wisdom

What follows is s personal journal session between Solomon and I:

The ultimate aim in this life, is to achieve loving relationships that harm not one other person. 
Live peacefully.
Love unconditionally.

All things come to you for your spiritual Growth.
You ask how; I tell you I can not grow for you child...
you have to do the work!

To achieve spiritual growth on the earthly plane you need to find resolution to conflict in an earthly way. That will mean talking your problems out with those you have a problem with.
Your spiritual relationships with others will never waiver; you made agreements long ago to the earthly hardships you might find with those around you, before you had ever met them here on earth.
Finding agreeable solutions are necessary in moving forward toward peace and a balancing of karma. 
Learn this lesson well.

Letting go of your fears and worries are essential. 
You can not orchestrate a better outcome to any situation then the one we will willingly guide you toward, if you have faith in us and in yourself. Yes you have to do the work child, but we are here to help you if you choose to listen and follow our guidance.

You come from many other lives and times, through many different dimensions. Yet you need not worry where you have come from, only where you are now. Don't over complicate your life unnecessarily, the here and now is where you need to be. 
Where you have been is done, where you are is where your focus should be. 
Otherwise you won’t be ready for what may lay ahead.

Remember that your husband is your gift from us, and his wife is his. 
To each other no gift is necessary as love is gift enough.

Get your house in order Child, 
Place your focus on the here & now.
Journalling with Solomon: 28 February  2013 - 11:44am

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