Monday, 30 November 2015

Step outside the lines :)

We've all heard of colouring outside the lines! Well; it's also great to step outside them sometimes. You know - mix things up a something that you wouldn't normally do! We tried it today ... and had lots of fun.

There is something extra enjoyable about taking the day off - to live life to the full. There should be more of it!
Taking a day to step outside the norm is a great way to and restore. Press reset and start afresh.  Plus, the look on the kids faces when we told them this morning that they were going to Forster for a day of snorkelling, swimming and  lunch at Hoggies...their fave restaurant - instead of going to school; was absolutely priceless and I think something they will remember for a very long time.

Life should not be about looking back, having said that - making memories with those you love...for us especially at the moment; as our kids get ready to head off to high school, is one of the absolute joys of living in the moment.

My wish for everyone over the Holidays is that every now and then you find yourself not only colouring  outside the lines... but stepping on them and jumping over them too!

Thinking of taking a mental health day?  I highly recommend it!

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