Saturday, 14 November 2015

Inner Wisdom ... what is it?

Looking back, I can see that even as a child I could hear the gentle whispers of inner wisdom in my head. Like the day I was helping my older sister search for her lost locket in the grass. After a few quiet words for help from above, I clearly heard a whisper from within -“look down at your feet,” and there it was, my sister’s shiny silver locket lying in the grass. I have told this story many times, but only in more recent years have I realised that in that moment in time, as a child, I chose to listen to me.

There have been many whispers like this throughout my life; however, it wasn’t until I started to practice guided meditation five years or so ago, that I heard the voice of my beloved Solomon speak to me. I knew in that moment, that it was me holding the wisdom I was searching for.  Sounds weird I know, and although the meditation I was following was designed to connect with a guiding master, I didn’t really believe it would happen. Quite honestly I have never considered myself to be the slightest bit psychic, so this little encounter scared the pants off me! And it proved to me that we all have the ability to connect to our higher selves and others.  It’s true; if I can do it…you can too!

Now years down the track, Solomon has shared many wonderfully wise words with me, as have I - from a higher perspective. All in preparation; I realise in hindsight, to ready myself for my husbands illness and to give me the tools to support him, my children and me, from a place of strength, peace and grace through whatever may lay ahead.  There is enough chaos to manage on the cancer rollercoaster without me adding to it with an unbalanced mindset…my family can’t afford that.

Through connecting to my inner wisdom, I am able to remain calm amidst the chaos. This helps me every day, in too many ways to share in just one post. 

If you are still in search of your inner wisdom, I hope I can help you find it...some days anyway :) Mine escapes me at times, but usually returns when I need it the most!

What is Inner Wisdom, Anyway?
You may get inner nudges through inspirational thoughts or an unexplainable feeling that sets you into action. Or you may see an image in your mind.
Your inner wisdom may come to you through feelings, a sense of knowing an inner whisper or an image you may see in the same way you might see a recent or past memory
However you receive your inner wisdom; don’t be hard on yourself if you misinterpret what you receive. Fear and resistance are normal reactions to what we consider to be “the unknown” but the unknown is only that until it is explored. So go ahead and explore those inner whispers of loving wisdom, in steps the size you are comfortable with taking, at first…and when you’re ready, push the envelope, play and experiment. Learn to listen!

How to Listen to Your Inner Wisdom in 3 easy steps!
1. Calm down.
For the strongest connection, start with a calm mind. Put a simple daily practice in place that you know will settle you in any given situation. Like; focusing on your breath, it’s amazing what 3 slow breathes and a moment to pause can do if practiced regularly. Get outside; a brisk walk (in the beauty in nature if possible) a quick meditation or a quiet cup of coffee or tea, will all give you a moment to stop, pause and quieten a busy mind…allowing you to reconnect to you and your inner wisdom

2. Stop trying.
Resist the urge to be a control freak! We all know that can be easier said than done, but try not to force results, a new practice and the results it can bring, won't just happen over night, no matter how badly you want it too.
Have you ever noticed that the more you push, the slower things tend to go? Sometimes our best intentions to control the natural flow of things can be our biggest downfall.
So as hard as it may seem to let things happen slowly, it will happen if you don’t choke the life out of your insight trying to shake your inner wisdom to the ground, now!
So; calm mind, relaxed body, natural flow…inner wisdom opens, you listen. You have reconnected to you. Let go and be in flow. Relax; you have the ability to hold a peaceful heart. It is a choice you can regularly make, when you tell yourself you can, and then let it happen. When you feel calm and peaceful, you inner wisdoms are much easier to hear.

3. Be patient.
Be patient, and kind with yourself and others. Don’t be disappointed if things aren’t happening in a time frame that you have allotted. Remain alert, and don’t dismiss gut feelings, thoughts or even dreams that come to you that create strong feelings within, about a situation you are thinking about or are in. Your inner wisdom won't come to you with a neon sign and a drum roll…with patience you will learn the signs that will become the inner language of your insights and the wisdom waiting to open up to you. In time, listening to yourself and trusting what you hear, will become easier.

Enjoy the serenity that you can create through mindful listening it, you're worth the effort!

Parts of this post where inspired by and curated from: Hear Your Inner Wisdom When Making Tough Choices

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