Saturday, 25 April 2015

One day I may just write a book!

I love to write; I always have and I take great pleasure now in seeing that same passion in my twelve year old daughter, as she taps away on her computer. 

There are so many stories that I want to tell and they're all swirling around inside my head, trying to find their way out. Time and writing-confidence stand in their way, as I struggle to pull my manuscript together asking myself this question..."am I really a writer?"

"Start with a Title?" I reply, "and let's see what happens!"

A Wife's Diary
and a families roller coaster cancer ride!

My Guru Me
an unlikely teacher

A Word to the Wise
talking with Solomon

grace under pressure
the story of us: family, love, strength, friendship & community

Darkness to Light
  a story of  love, strength, family, friendship, community & cancer

Touch the Sky 
Touch the Sky

I can see a 

things I didn't know
someone had told me
about CANCER

  and the things nobody told me

things I didn't know about
 because nobody told ME!

cancer and the things nobody told me!
cancer: what I wish I knew that nobody told me

Defy the odds
It's a Rocky Road 
a loud silence
Don't Be Afraid
What's Normal Anyway

Just Breathe
Cancer and Living

Thick and Thin
 take two

I'm Not Afraid of Roller coasters Anymore 

defy the odds
the edge
It takes a Village

Hidden Salvation

Time is a Thief
Hurry up and wait

Rainbow Heart
 cancer .... a love story

Broken Dreams
home to far away

Ollie and Jax
when the wrong girl comes along

one long summer
my heart his hands

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