Saturday, 14 November 2015

Dreams and Messages

Two nights prior to  my husband's oncology review, I had a very clear dream...or could it have been a message, a foreseeing? 

I was awake in a dark room. It felt like a bedroom, but my husband, our children and I were all sleeping in it. Dreams can be strange! I was sitting looking out of the doorway and the adjoining room was a church. Odd!  As I looked past the pretty wooden pews to the arched stained glass windows, I felt an overwhelming sense of peace. And then hundreds of small rainbows started shooting into the church through the window, until they formed a large pinky- red love heart in the centre of the room. It almost looked to be beating as it was in creation..
And then I woke up. I felt a real sense of relief, like I had just received validation that things were going to be Ok. 

For weeks prior to the dream, each time I thought about my husbands doctor sharing the report with us; he was very happy about the news he was giving us, but his original CNC who is on maternity leave - is with him. I knew she wasn’t back at work yet and wouldn’t be at this review. So I took heart from my dream, my inner wisdom, that although the news might not be what we were hoping for yet…we were heading in the right direction. This was all validated yesterday at the actual review. I am hoping Kristyn comes back to work soon.
Driving back from the review yesterday...about an hour from home, we were greeted with an enormous rainbow, proudly saying...told you so!

Background story; rainbows always seem to show themselves to me when I need a little comfort, assurance or when good news is coming.

Twelve years ago, in the weeks before I found out I was pregnant with my first child, I saw rainbows almost on a daily basis, it was to the point that I said to my husband “I keep seeing rainbows… I think I might be pregnant”. It would turn out that I was, with twins…true story!

Throughout my husband's treatment; friends and family have sent us photos of rainbows just when we needed them the most...even creating and wearing a tshirt with rainbow colours on the front to show their support.
And last Saturday night, just under a week before the oncology review, we went to see AC/DC live. At the end of their second last set, their light show was a couple of minutes of rainbow light running around and shooting out from the stage…we have seen them several times before and never once has their light show included rainbows, that I remember! 

Too many rainbows to ignore?
So you may think; OK coincidence! 
But what if there are no coincidence…what if on a higher level my inner wisdom is being validated by outside source? Could the universe be trying to tell me that all is well in my world? The true test here is if what is being experienced and noticed - a heightened awareness of surroundings and synchronicity of events in life, are connecting with you in some way and are bringing you peace. For me; these small, to some un-noticeable events... were! And that’s what matters to me. That's why I choose to listen.
We can listen or dismiss. It’s funny though, the more we listen the more we find we hear, and the more synchronicities there are to notice. 

What we do with that is up to us.

Q: Have you had an experience, a dream or knowing - that has turned out to be a clear message from you - your higher self, your inner wisdom or maybe even a loving guide?
I would love to hear about it if you have :)

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