Saturday, 28 November 2015

TIP JAR: Did You Know ...

Is the number of minutes our brains can focus before we need a break! 
Coffee or tea anyone. 
Source: Journal of sleep research & Sleep medicine.

Decision fatigue is real. It seems every time you make a choice it depletes your thinking power. It has been suggested that if you want to stay sharp you could try putting some of your day on autopilot... like eating the same brekkie every day for a whole week before changing it up! Eggs over easy on toast 7 days straight? Yeah, I could do that! Source: National Academy of Science

Set up a really good, consistent routine ( yep! write out a timetable if it helps) for all of your everyday activities: Meal times, exercise, zen time, hobbies and bedtime! Freeing up some brain space for all those creative ideas that are flowing now, because they have room to move...I like it! Source: My Guru Me
Curated: source - Australian Women's Health Magazine!

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