Friday, 20 November 2015

Counting Crows

Know that there is divine balance in everything. Without darkness there can be no light and without spirituality there can be no physicality. You are being guided through this.

I see crows all the time; they befriend me wherever I go. Whether it is walking on the beach, in town or in the city, I am guaranteed at some point that a crow will show itself to me...I know they bring spiritual blessings. I just wish I was switched on enough to understand their message.

Last night I stood at the window of our hotel room watching the most beautiful deep orange sunset. It is no coincidence that orange is the most prominent colour in my aura, it is the first colour I see when I close my eyes. So, to see twelve crow in all, flying between our hotel and the next building, gainst my personal hue,  left me spellbound. Magic, it was pure magic to see. A validation of many good things to come.

In the city for my husbands radiation oncology consult; he walked up behind me, put his arms around me and asked what I was looking at. "My friends; the crow," I replied. And as I did; two broke away from the group sitting on the second building and flew straight over the top of us. They were all but a shadow against the burnt orange sky. That moment filled me with a peace that is hard to explain. It was like the crow were saying, "we are here and we see all. When you are ready we will share the wisdom of the universe with you...yours to pursue together." 

I know many people believe that Crow is a bad omen, and I guess watching too many scary movies encourages that belief. I don't. I prefer to believe that seeing this beautiful, hard working, strong, intelligent bird is more likely to be a sign of change, or of clear messages and personal insight. Guiding you to pay attention to your thoughts and the serendipitous, synchronicities around you. 

When Crow is around they bring with them ancient wisdom, and are encouraging you to use your instincts and abilities when it comes to clear seeing, knowing and feeling. I embrace the blessing of their presence.

Additional Curated Associations for Crow…
The crow; in a spiritual sense, is associated with life mysteries and magic.  The power of this bird is believed to be its ability to provide insight and a means of supporting intentions. Many believe it to be a sign of luck, and think the crow a trickster; she warns that you should be aware of deceiving appearances.  If the crow has chosen to be your spirit or totem animal, she supports you in developing the power of sight, transformation, and connection with life’s magic. 

Understanding this, my constant crow visits all make more sense to me now. My personal experience of this majestic bird has always left me feeling peaceful and positive, especially now with the spiritual work I am focusing on. Perception is the key. I believe if you look for the dark side you will find it. If you look for the light, it will find you. I work at choosing light most of the time; but every now and then I find myself in the dark, I sit for a bit and leave! Wisdom tells us that - without a little dark the light can be hard to see :)

Throughout history, the crow has been associated with both positive and negative symbolic meanings. For your interest, the most common are. 
  • Life magic; mystery of creation
  • Destiny, personal transformation, alchemy
  • Intelligence
  • Higher perspective
  • Being fearless, audacious
  • Flexibility, adaptability
  • Trickster, manipulative, mischevious
  • Guardian of the place before existence
  • Manifestation
  • Law of Attraction
  • Life and Death
  • Rebirth
  • Transition magic
  • Watchfulness
  • New opportunities coming up
  • Fair Trade and Barter
  • Ability to move in space and time
  • Honoring ancestors
  • Ethics and Ethical behavior
  • Carrier of souls from darkness into light
  • Working without fear in darkness
  • Guidance while working in shadow
  • Moves freely in the void
  • Understands all things related to ethics
  • Shapeshifter
May you always hold a love and light filled heart.

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